My name is Shivani Khanna. I’m the lucky owner of Sttudio 292, a Culinary Studio, where I let my creative meanderings take over. Sttudio 292 is a space centered around food, fun and interactive culinary experiences. I’ve been cooking, reading and talking about cooking for many years and my passion is to collect Cook Books.


I come from a small town in India and grew up in a time of fresh, home-cooked meals, using only local/seasonal produce. The famous Indian hospitality was very evident in my house with guests over regularly for meals. After my marriage into a large extended family of accomplished cooks, cooking became an essential part of my life. The meals served to our guests are legendary for their balance of delicious flavours, colour, and texture. Most of the recipes are handed down through the generations. The food I cook has been largely influenced by my Mother’s and my Mother-in-law’s cooking.This blog is my attempt to document heirloom family recipes for future generations.

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In my food journey across generations, I hope to bring the extended family closer. I want my Husband, my Mother, my Mother-in-law, my Father-in-law who rules my kitchen, Sisters/Brothers-in-law, Aunts and Uncles, Nephews and Nieces, Cousins and Friends, AND their extended families to contribute their favourite family recipes. This collection of family recipes will be the ‘Culinary Legacy’ I want to leave behind. We have already lost most of the simple local recipes from the generations before us, as today we are influenced by sights and smells of food from far and wide. Yet some recipes have been passed on in families and I want to document them before they are lost with the passing of the older generation. Old recipes bring about a nostalgia which is what I want people to remember, children remembering their mothers cooking, a husband his wife’s and so on.

In my journey to collect family recipes, I’ve connected with people who shared a certain passion about the particular recipe, how they came about it and how it became a part of the family menu. Many have tweaked the original recipe to suit the demands of the time, availability of ingredients and the taste buds of the family members. Most recipes are remembered in approximation. The onus lies with me to reconstruct the recipe, giving exact amount of ingredients. So I get to cook a large variety of food, from far and near, different regions of India, as well as all parts of the globe. Some recipes may have been modified to the ingredients available to me, but I’ve tried to be as true as I can be to the original recipe.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Feel free to leave comments/questions on the blog. If you would like to contribute a family recipe, please write to me at culinarylegacyblog@gmail.com

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  1. D C Khanna says

    Doing very well. A lot of creative in puts. Hard work and that’s the only way to be successful in life. Best wishes

  2. Namrata Kapur says

    What a Fantastic idea !!!!- My mother Mrs Asha Chaudhri told me about your Blog/websit so I googled it… and am so glad I found it. Hope to meet you the next time I’m in Delhi.

  3. says

    Dear Shivani, The blog seems so earnest. The food is very delightful, cultured and carries a rich legacy with it. I like the simplicity also woven around it. I would keep visiting it. Best Regards, Roy

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